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Below you will find testimonials from Ridgewood Paws clients.

We love our clients and all their pups! 

Client Testimonials 

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Susan S.

I have always had people home to take care of my 4 dogs. I have two shih Tzu's and 2 dachi's!. Should I say two CRAZY ankle, nipping dachi's. All of my dogs are rescues and their histories are unknown. Now that my youngest is off to college and I travel for business quite regularly there is no one to take care of my crazy pack! Then I found Julie. No one else could handle theses dogs but Julie took the time to come over and get to know them before she actually had to care for them. She has been my saving grace. She is in control when she is here . She gets them out, feeds them plays with them gives them their treats and cleans up after their little "accidents" if need be. They love to have her come, they have stopped many of their bad habits as well. She is punctual, trust worthy and very very responsive. You couldn't have a better choice for someone to take care of your treasured pups! She really, really knows her stuff.

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Julie has been such a blessing to our family. Our two mini aussies are the loves of our lives. With a recent move to the suburbs, and both my husband and I working in the city, we were really concerned about our babies being home alone so long. After interviewing quite a few dog walkers we met with Julie and knew from just that meeting that she was the best one to take care of our dogs. The main reason I know she is so great, is that when my dogs see her they run to the door, jump up and down and are so happy she is there. You can tell a lot by your dogs reaction to people. Just by seeing that, I can trust that Julie is treating my dogs with as much love and concern as I do on a daily basis. She has also helps tremendously by texting me during the day if something is wrong or one of the dogs seems sick so I know I can count on her. Julie has even helped us with some emergency runs to the groomer and some last minute visits when we get stuck at work late. We couldn't be happier with Julie's care and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking.

-Testimonial from

Catie K.


Liz L.

Just wanted to share the wonderful secret of the best dog walker around . . . Julie!  I adore her as a person, but her dog walking (and training, when needed!) skills are top of the line!  Julie is super compassionate, caring, and loving towards our golden retriever, Millie, an active almost 5 year old, who sometimes forgets to listen and sometimes just gets a little enthusiastic and likes to jump.  Julie takes this in stride and works with her on the walks!  Millie has spent many a weekend and a few longer stays with Julie and her dogs and I'm not sure Millie always wants to come back as she has so much fun!  Julie sends videos so I can see what Millie is up to, as well as pictures during her daily (Mon-Fri) noon walks.  


Julie is a gem, and I trust her 100%!  It doesn't get much better than receiving a picture text during the middle of my work day. Knowing that Millie's had a great walk, allows me to get back to work with a smile!



-Testimonial from

I have had the great, good fortune of having Julie as our dog walker for the past 6 years. After our beloved 15 year old Sheltie passed, we acquired another  10 week old sheltie pup, Raffi. As "seniors" we had forgotten how much energy new puppies had! Julie was up for the challenge, giving him long, healthy walks as well as teaching him leash and basic obedience training. 3 years later, seeming to once again forget how much energy a young puppy has, we decided on getting another young male collie puppy named Wilbur (think Lassie on caffeine). Wilbur has been quite a challenge, albeit, lovable puppy. He came with noise sensitivity as well as leash reactivity. Again, Julie to the rescue. She is the only person I actually trust walking our dogs together. They immediately become well trained, calm and obedient in her skillful care. 

Life inevitably has brought us many challenges in the form of some health crisis and loss of loved ones. Amidst all of life's ups and downs, always, like a lighthouse, Julie has been there for our dog and human family. Several years ago, I had a 5 week stay at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. Julie took care of our boys at her home for an extended amount of time. It was such a blessing to not have to worry about my beloved pets during such a challenging time. Additionally, we have had the blessings of trips and vacations. It brings us such peace of mind knowing that we can leave Raffi and Wilbur in Julie's competent and knowledgeable care. They always came back to us, calm and even "new and improved" versions of themselves. It is clear that at "Camp Julie" all their needs are attended to and they are treated as one of Julie's family. Speaking of Julie 's family, she has an equally kind and capable son-in law, Jimmy, who has also taken care of our dogs. Last spring Raffi suffered a traumatic herniated disc, which left his back legs temporarily paralyzed. I was working and my husband was traveling, Jimmy came to our house, lifting and pottying Raffi as well as giving him multiple medications. He was so devoted that he even came to vet visits with us, helping me with Raffi and wanting to be informed as to give him proper care. What a gem these two are!!


I think the highest compliment I can give Julie is that she is not walking dogs as a way to buy time and money as she fulfills her next career aspiration. Dogs ARE Julie's life's work and calling. She has spent a lifetime as a well respected and regarded animal rescuer. She runs dog adoptions and placements and is very well regarded in the dog rescue community. She truly cares and loves what she does! As a Nurse Practitioner of 35 years, I believe myself to be a good judge of character. I have also been a dog owner for most of my life. I don't think you can find a more responsible, compassionate, competent, energetic, committed and hard working  person caring for your beloved dog as Julie and her son-in law Jimmy. 

-Testimonial from


Melinda S.


Allie R.

I met Julie through my dog trainer, Shawn Stewart, and started using her after my baby girl was born. I had a c-section and was unable to walk my dogs for six weeks. I felt awful that their regular walks were going to be impacted due to me being incapacitated and Julie was a God send. She has been coming three times a week ever since. I never worry about Sebastian or Delilah when they are with her and I know they are being walked by someone who follows the same training guidelines as I was taught which is super important to me. I trust her completely, she’s always reliable and on time. I have a special needs dog and he requires an orthopedic boot to be put on before his walk. Julie never minds taking the extra time to get him ready. Her son-in-law Jimmy is also wonderful with them and my dogs love him too. I can’t say enough good things about them and would recommend them 1000 times over if you’re in need of dog walking services or pet sitting.

-Testimonial from

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