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Dog Walking & Pet Services

Are you located in Ridgewood or the surrounding Bergen County Area? Let's Meet!

Ridgewood Paws knows that every person and every pet has specific needs. Schedule a free consultation with us to get acquainted with you and your pet to better understand your needs!

COVID-19 Safety

Your health and safety is our #1 concern, especially now during the Corona Virus Pandemic. We at Ridgewood Paws thoroughly comply with health and safety guidelines, have been tested, and plan to continue limiting our exposure. Feel free to bring up any safety concerns or PPE usage during our free consultation!

Dog Walking

We offer 30 or 60 minute walks in dog-safe neighborhoods or local parks, no matter if there is Rain, Sleet or Snow. We offer Dog Park visits for more social dogs, or quiet secluded walks for dogs who prefer to walk alone. No surcharge on extra dogs, so whether you have one dog or many, we have you covered.



Going away for an extended trip and wish to avoid the lonely, isolated kennels? Give your dog the pack experience with us!

The Full Care Package

We treat your pet like one of our own in a pet-safe, comfortable environment full of exercise, play time, and friendly socializing with our packs at home!

Pickup and Drop-off

Let us lighten the burden before or after your trip, We offer complimentary pickup and drop-off of your pet during weekdays.

In-Home Visits

On special request we offer in-home visits while you're away from your pet and home.


Cat Visits Include:

Food & water, litter box cleaning and loving!

Dog Visits Include:

3 visits a day, prepare food and water, 2 half hour walks, and plenty of pats!


(Also mail retrieval and watering house plants)

Available all Holidays and Weekends if Needed

Need help in a pinch or planning a vacation? Contact us today,

we're here for you and your pets!



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